Dosicontrol, innovation special prize in the Feria San José (San José Trade fair) of Mollerusa 2016.

This year we have been awarded with the innovation prize given by the Feria San José (San José Trade fair) of Mollerusa. This prize values the system we have developed, called Dosicontrol, which applies the liquid manure in a controlled and automatic way.

Thanks to its flow meter, temperature sensor and conductivity sensor, this device identifies the amount of potash, nitrates and phosphates contained in the liquid manure inside the tank.
Once the application requirements in units per hectare have been established, in the mobile application of the tablet in the tractor cab, the system applies the liquid manure in a controlled and automatic way. Besides, the incorporated GPS avoids to double passing.

Finally, the system stores in an Excel file, that can be downloaded and viewed on any computer, the composition of the liquid manure and the place and date of application.

Furthermore, the tablet mobile application can also control each and every tank function: the loading arm, drawbar hydraulic suspension, axles, operation of work lights, etc.

In addition, the tablet is connected to the tank via Bluetooth, which allows us to control it inside or outside the tractor cabin with a maximum distance to/from the tank of 5 metres.

We can conclude that, efforts made to improve day by day, experience of more than 35 years in producing liquid manure tanks and the fact of being located in one of the areas with the highest concentration of pig farms allows us to be a leading company worldwide in the development of technologies for liquid manure application in a controlled and automatic way.